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Feminist activist Linda Sarsour, who organized the Women's March on Washington and has been routinely critical of Israel, was blasted for a tweet in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Sarsour wrote "Donate to the Harvey Hurricane (sic) relief fund" and linked to a fundraising page for the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund, a political action organization.

Mollie Hemingway said the organization's chief priorities are not disaster relief but instead advancing political goals through election through traditional political organizing.

"They gave all of their funds to electing Hillary Clinton," she said.

Emily Tisch Sussman of the Center for American Progress said the fund helps low-income people advocate for themselves, and that those folks are indeed the ones hardest hit by Harvey.

Another criticized tweet from the Lilith Fund asked for donations for Harvey victims who "are seeking an abortion but cannot afford it."

One critic of the tweet said anyone donating to the fund sees the biggest problem with Harvey as being that it did not kill enough people.

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