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Jason Chaffetz said former FBI Director James Comey has a lot of "explaining to do" in light of new reports that he began drafting a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton even before interviewing key witnesses, including the former secretary of state.

"He's certainly got a lot of explaining to do. He could have perjured himself," the former House oversight committee chairman said on "Fox & Friends."

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley and fellow GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham wrote a letter to the FBI this week, expressing concern over whether Comey made up his mind about the email investigation months before his public news conference. 

"Conclusion first, fact-gathering second—that’s no way to run an investigation," the senators wrote. "The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy."

Chaffetz said lawmakers asked Comey under oath about how he cleared Clinton publicly within just days of the FBI interviewing her. 

On Hannity last night, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow blasted Comey for testifying that he urgently needed to make his public statement following the controversial tarmac meeting between then-Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton.

"Here's the fact. Evidently he already made up his mind three months before the investigation really got underway. This whole thing was a fraud on the American people," said Sekulow.

President Trump took to Twitter to weigh in this morning on what he sees as a "rigged system." 

Watch the "Fox & Friends" discussion above.

Tucker: CNN Silent After Commentator 'Incited Rage' at Antifa Rally

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