It turns out Hillary Clinton does know where Wisconsin is after all. 

Many pundits, including on "Morning Joe," are poking fun at the former presidential candidate for heading to the state on her upcoming book tour

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Following her surprising loss in that state to Donald Trump last November, many criticized her for a sense of complacency and for failing to campaign hard enough there and in Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

Clinton's book, "What Happened," will be released Sept. 12 and she's planned a big-bucks tour to promote her 2016 campaign memoir. 

For instance, a VIP ticket to an appearance in Canada costs $2,375, guaranteeing two front-row seats, a photo with Clinton backstage and a signed book.

"It is standard for high profile authors to do book tours that sell tickets to events, but Clinton's tour takes it to a new level of greed," an industry source told Fox News.

Tickets for her appearance in Florida range from $50 to $375.

"At least she found Wisconsin [and] the upper Midwest," longtime Wisconsin radio host and prominent Republican Trump critic Charlie Sykes told Joe Scarborough. 

Scarborough jokingly asked how much Clinton would be charging, prompting co-host Mika Brzezinski to point out that "there actually is a charge."

Watch the "Hannity" discussion with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Larry Elder, Richard Fowler and Charlie Hurt above.

Hurt said the situation perfectly demonstrates why Clinton lost the election, calling her a "terrible politician."

"The idea that she's this tone-deaf... The name of her book is 'What Happened.' You want to know what happened? This is what happened," he said.

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