Olbermann Apologizes for Calling DeVos 'Motherf****r' Over Prayer for Texas

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Sandra Smith reported that President Obama knew about Antifa's rising prevalence during his term, but did little about it.

Conservative commentator Lawrence Jones III said that Obama and Democrats have tacitly allowed Antifa to flourish because they agree with some of the tenets of the group.

"Many on the left want to silence people," he said. "Hate speech is protected by the Constitution."

"Obama didn't prosecute [them because] those are some of the same people who are involved in their [leftist] groups."

Richard Fowler disagreed, saying that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) condemned Antifa this week.

"Antifa does not represent the left," Fowler said. "[They say] they're outside the system."

"Why do you march with them?" Jones asked of Fowler's fellow liberals.

"If Democrats don't support them, why are members of Congress marching with them?" Jones asked.

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