Sean Hannity went after the "abusively biased" mainstream media for claiming President Trump does not have empathy for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. 

He noted that the criticism has been pervasive on MSNBC and CNN after some journalists bashed First Lady Melania Trump for wearing high heels as she left the White House for Texas on Tuesday.

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Joy Reid and Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC both said Trump does not have "empathy" for the storm victims, while CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny reported that Trump expressed "very little in terms of emotion" toward those who are suffering. 

"This is way beyond petty. This is beyond disgusting," said Hannity, joking that even if the president "cured cancer," he'd still be criticized by his detractors.

Hannity accused the elite, left-wing media of politicizing what could be the most expensive natural disaster to ever strike the U.S. 

"They're using this as an opportunity to go after the president," he said, prompting the president to take to Twitter to fight back. 

Hannity said the American people will suffer in the end while anti-Trump media "idealogues" continue a "shameless agenda" to destroy the president. 

"If they can't find a reason, they'll make up a reason." 

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