A Louisiana man created a makeshift dam to protect his home from a second straight year of flood damage.

Stafford Barnett said on "Happening Now" he spent $850 to create the vinyl water-filled piping system connected to small pumps. 

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Barnett, whose home flooded last summer, said his brother-in-law came up with the idea and he looked into it last week and thought "this just might work." 

"Desperate times call for innovation," he said, admitting he was skeptical that it would be effective. He said the pipe did just enough to keep the water away. 

Barnett said the flood last year displaced his family for six months. 

"We were fortunate, we had flood insurance and one inch of water did almost $200,000 worth of damage," he recalled.

He said he's been showing interested neighbors how to make their own barrier for the next storm that hits the flood-prone area.

Watch the interview above.

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