White House counselor Kellyanne Conway battled it out with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on the response to Hurricane Harvey and the effects of climate change on tropical storms. 

Cuomo said there must be a discussion in the coming months about the role of climate change, asking whether President Trump will focus on the issue. 

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Conway answered that it is the wrong time to be discussing the issue while victims are in shelters and others are still being rescued. 

Cuomo countered that the conversation is important and that "scientists say climate change is part of the equation" when it comes to the severity of hurricanes. 

"I'm exposing the irony of the conversation. You play amateur climatologist tonight and I'll play professional helper to those in need," she said.  

Earlier, Cuomo questioned whether Trump can convince all Republicans to support a federal relief package for Harvey victims, noting some Texas Republicans opposed a bill to provide relief to Hurricane Sandy victims. 

Conway insisted the funds will be approved, accusing Cuomo of "politicizing" the tragedy. 

On "Hannity" last night, Sean blasted the "abusively biased" mainstream media for using the tragedy as an opportunity to criticize President Trump. 

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