Fox Business Network's Jeff Flock has been bringing viewers indispensable coverage of the Hurricane Harvey floods in southeast Texas. 

In a lighthearted moment this morning, Flock spotted his daughter riding by as he traveled with rescuers on a boat in Houston.

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Flock's daughter Elizabeth, a PBS journalist, was riding on a large military truck - driven by a private citizen - that was carrying evacuees to safety.  

"How about that? I knew she was here, I hadn't seen her. I'm sorry, I didn't expect that. Shucks!" he told Stuart Varney. 

"If anybody was ever in the right place at the time, it is you. And you just saw your daughter float by. That is really something," Varney remarked.

Watch the clip above and keep it tuned to FBN and Fox News Channel for continuing coverage of the flooding. 

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