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Jesse Watters criticized former CBS anchor Dan Rather, who said on MSNBC that President Trump is "seized with fear" that Robert Mueller has correctly discovered the "Hurricane Vladimir" about to make landfall in Washington.

"A political hurricane is out there - Hurricane Vladimir," Rather said. "Donald Trump is afraid - he's trying to exude power and strength."

Watters mocked Rather, saying Trump is obviously afraid of Russian blackmail that he bombed Kremlin allies.

"Hey Rex, close some consulates - MSNBC's hot on the trail," he said of Rather's thoughts.

"Oh, no, Dan Rather's connecting the dots, we've got to fire Mueller."

Watters also joked that Trump is sending his signature steaks to former adviser Paul Manafort to keep him from "singing to the feds."

Watters said Rather is not one to speak with any credibility.

"Dan Rather of all people is out in front of it," he said.

Rather left CBS News in 2006 after he was implicated in the use of unreliable or falsified documents for a 2004 report that was critical of President George Bush.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Dick Thornburgh (R) was later appointed by the network to independently investigate Rather's controversy.

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