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Rachel Campos Duffy said on "The Fox News Specialists" that President Obama could have created a more permanent and bipartisan DREAMer program if he worked with Republicans who were interested in DACA policies.

"Some people do feel really strongly that we are a society of laws," Duffy said. "The law is very plainly stated."

She said that President Obama was "more concerned with the politics" rather than the "policy" when he created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals as an executive order.

Duffy said Obama would have been better served to work with Congress to create a policy that more Americans could agree on.

"It could've been a permanent law had President Obama not jumped over Marco Rubio, not wanting to give Republicans a win," she said.

The Florida Republican supported some form of DACA legislation, Duffy said, but Obama was not willing to work across the aisle to craft a popular bill.

Now, Duffy said, President Trump has the power to simply erase DACA by rescinding the policy because it was not formally written into law.

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