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Tucker Carlson recounted how CNN commentator W. Kamau Bell - who hosts "The United Shades of America" - spoke at Antifa's "No Hate in the Bay" rally in California.

He said that Bell willingly and earnestly partook in the raucous protest.

"They hate this country. They want to tear it down. They are totalitarian in their beliefs and in their aims," Carlson said.

Bell called Patriot Prayer rallygoers "Nazis" and cheered their departure as the Antifa demonstrators overran the other collective.

Carlson said Bell was content in labeling his enemies Nazis and that he willfully incited rage with his rhetoric.

Carlson said his program would swiftly be cancelled if he participated in a right-wing version of Bell's rally - where conservatives donned masks and clutched weapons, running Hillary Clinton supporters out of the area with violence in the name of the Second Amendment and Evangelical Christianity.

"If you're not willing to say you want a world safe for all Americans equally, you are peddling hate, and Bell is," Carlson said, pointing to Bell's written statement after the rally which lauded the causes of "black" and "brown" people in his words.

Carlson said he contacted Bell's employer, CNN, to ask about one of their hosts "stoking violent extremism as a sidegig" but heard nothing back.

Bell also apparently did not respond to an invitation to explain himself on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

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