AFL-CIO's Trumka Blasts Trump: Our Supporters in WH 'Turned Out to Be Racist'

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Former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen ripped Antifa rioters, saying their entire movement is "a lie."

Thiessen said Antifa claims to be "anti-fascist" but is instead markedly fascistic.

He said the woman whose free speech protest they overran in Berkeley, Calif. recently is a transsexual Trump supporter.

He and Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University said all extremist groups - Antifa and Neo-Nazis both - should be condemned by all politicians.

"They don't believe that people have a right to speak freely," Turley said.

"Once you start to create this generation of speech-intolerant kids - where are we heading?" he added.

Turley and Thiessen said that by being so intolerant of free speech, they contradict their self-described mission to crush fascism.

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