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MSNBC's Joy Reid appeared as a guest on "The Daily Show" on Tuesday and criticized President Donald Trump's reaction to Hurricane Harvey.

She pointed out that when he addressed victims of the storm in Corpus Christi on Tuesday, he commented on the size of the crowd gathered.

"He sees everything in terms of ratings and crowd size,” Reid said of Trump. “So for him, the accomplishment he sees in Harvey is that it’s the biggest, during the era of Donald Trump. And so there’s something disturbing just about the way he talks about it."

"I don’t think that he understands the human scale of misery,” she continued. “I don’t think that he can connect with the sort of compassion that you normally have when you see a disaster like this.

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Host Trevor Noah pointed out that Trump said he pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Friday because he “assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally” because Harvey was just about to hit Texas.

"If you look at Donald Trump, what he's always done his entire adult life is kind of do a show. And he always wants to have a bigger and better show," Reid said. "And even being president is just a show in which he times the ratings and looks to see how is it rating, how many people are watching Donald Trump."

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