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Jesse Watters said that during natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, it is hard for the left or the press to spin what is happening on the ground.

"A picture is worth 1,000 words," he said. "Viewers can't but help feel the humanity and see the truth."

Watters said that, in contrast with the IRS scandal or Russian collusion probe, there are no images to be shown, so the press can partake in "fake news" and spin.

He said that additionally, stereotypes about President Trump and the red state of Texas have been shattered by undoctored images of the aftermath.

Watters said the left likes to criticize Trump for nearly everything, but that the president touched down in Texas almost immediately.

In contrast, he said President Obama golfed during the BP Oil Spill and recent flooding in Louisiana.

He said the left accuses Republicans of spending too much on the military, but that images of dozens of Coast Guard helicopters show military spending can be crucial.

"[They're] not run on solar, they're run on diesel," he said of other military vehicles being used during the rescues.

"Liberals care about showing people that you care about their lives while Republicans just want to save lives," he said.

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