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A Texas Republican whose district was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey fired back at Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) for what he saw as "petty" politicizing of a natural disaster.

Earlier on Fox & Friends, Christie told New Jersey legislators not to "hold a grudge" against Texas because several Lone Star legislators voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief bill in 2012.

"I voted for Sandy funding, I didn't want to vote for Sandy-Plus-Pork funding," Brady said, noting that several pork barrel provisions were added to the hurricane relief bill that had nothing to do with New York, New Jersey or recovery efforts.

"As he was on the airwaves trying to extort some petty political payback, a law enforcement officer was trapped and dying in his car," Brady said.

Brady said Christie owes first responders an apology for politicizing the Harvey disaster.

Brady said he prayed for the safety of Tri-State residents during Sandy, as many in the northeast have for Texas and Louisiana.

He said there is a "time and a place" for politicians to debate over what efforts the government should fund.

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