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Mark Steyn joined Tucker Carlson to riff on Hillary Clinton, who is charging hundreds of dollars for the chance to meet her at a book signing and a meet-and-greet.

Clinton's new book, "What Happened," which chronicles the election she lost to President Trump, will be released soon.

Carlson said that for $125, people could come to New York City for a book signing. Or, for $2400, they could head to Toronto to meet Mrs. Clinton.

Steyn noted how Carlson compared the prices to that of a Broadway show, saying that at the New York appearance, attendees might get a "restricted view of a full chorus of Macedonian content farmers dancing behind her, explaining why she lost the election."

Clinton once blamed "fake news sites" in the Balkan nation for causing her to lose the election.

Carlson remarked that it was the first time he'd heard of an author charging people for the opportunity to be charged for their book.

Steyn said that Clinton reportedly promises to be "surprisingly funny" at her more-intimate event in Canada.

"I found the election to be surprisingly funny," he said.

Steyn said that there are scores of "Saudi princes and Sudanese warlords" who are upset with Clinton only charging North Americans $2400 to meet her.

"That's bargain basement prices for a meet and greet," he said, speaking as the Saudis or Sudanese. "I had to pay four million dollars to the Clinton Foundation and sit through a speech on Diarrhea in Africa from Chelsea [Clinton] before I could meet with Hillary Clinton."

He called both events a "hell of a steal."

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