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Independent journalist Keith Campbell recounted to Tucker Carlson a beating he recently received from Antifa rioters.

At Berkeley, Calif.'s "Rally Against Hate," Campbell was filming a cancelled demonstration in a park.

He said that suddenly, a large group of black-clad "anti-fascist" rioters broke through a police line and began confronting people.

"They would find someone and surround them and usher them out," Campbell said.

After police later disappeared, Campbell said the Antifa members began getting physical with those they saw as enemies.

He said someone yelled that he was a racist for "doxxing" the rally and was severely beaten until a left-wing commentator jumped on top of him to save him from being beaten to death.

Campbell said he wants to connect with the commentator, Al Letson, who he says "saved my life."

Campbell received a bruised rib, bruised kidney and several cranial bumps from the malicious beating.

He said that in his time documenting Antifa protests, he noticed that they see no crime in attacking Trump supporters and anyone who opposes them.

He reiterated how much he appreciated Letson's actions.

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