President Trump touched down in Corpus Christi, Texas, at 11:30 a.m. CT to get a firsthand look at the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey on Texas' southeast coast.

Houston received the brunt of the flooding following the storm's Friday landfall, prompting days of rescues. The Federal Emergency Management Agency estimated that about 30,000 residents were flooded out of their homes.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott greeted the president and first lady as they disembarked Air Force One. Abbott said last weekend that the president "gets an A+" for his response to the crisis. Trump declared the storm a disaster early on, freeing up federal resources for relief.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson Health, Human Services Secretary Tom Price and other Cabinet members joined the president on the trip.

The president later appeared at a meeting with Gov. Abbott and local officials. After brief remarks to a crowd that gathered outside the fire station, the president waved a Texas flag and told them "Texas can handle anything."

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