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"Deadliest Catch" host Mike Rowe discussed his recent response to a Facebook user who accused him of promoting white nationalism by being apolitical and supporting trade schools over formal education.

Rowe, whose MikeRoweWORKS foundation seeks to close the skills gap between white and blue collar workers, is a notably apolitical celebrity who instead focuses on working-class issues rather than right vs. left.

A man named Chuck Adkins accused Rowe of promoting white nationalism because he perceived the Perry Hall, Md. native's support for tradesmen as akin to supporting extremists' dislike of "academic elitists."

Adkins said Republicans "love" Rowe because he allegedly promotes "anti-intellectualism" like the conservative GOP base supposedly does.

Rowe proceeded to politely deconstruct Adkins argument and use his reasoning of "logical fallacies" against him.

He told Tucker Carlson that because "everything is politicized," he doesn't often respond to such posts, but that he decided to expose Adkins' flawed reasoning.

"This guy conflated racism with politics with my foundation - and really in a tautological way. He insulted five million of my friends and supporters," Rowe said.

"Republicans love you, conservatives love you, ergo white nationalists love you because you've remained silent in the face of recent events. You're tacitly endorsing their love of bad things," Rowe said, characterizing his critic's argument.

The former host of "Dirty Jobs" said Adkins incorrectly used the education system as a "proximate cause... of racism."

"That's crazy," Rowe said.

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