'Texas Can Handle Anything': Trump Waves Flag After Addressing Crowd

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Tucker Carlson and Tammy Bruce blasted critics of Melania Trump over her choice of footwear Tuesday.

Mrs. Trump wore high heels and a more formal outfit while boarding the presidential helicopter on her way to Houston.

She later changed into sneakers and a Trump campaign ballcap to accompany President Trump around America's fourth-largest city.

One critic, a "sex writer" for the website "Refinery 29" called Mrs. Trump "flood watch barbie" for wearing the designer heels while boarding Marine One.

Maria Del Russo also mocked the 47-year-old, saying her outfit was her way of screaming "I'm an out of touch elitist. And, what is a hurricane?"

Carlson asked how Mrs. Trump was "exempted" from the feminist rules governing how to criticize other women.

Bruce said Del Russo and others were "harpies" that are jealous of Mrs. Trump's popularity.

Carlson added that Hillary Clinton "taught us" that an "attack on one [woman] is an attack on all."

"When you criticize one woman, you're criticizing all women," he added, paraphrasing Clinton.

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