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Fox Business Network's Jeff Flock reported live from a Houston street that appeared more like a swollen river after Hurricane Harvey passed through.

Flock spoke to Carlos, who runs a church called "Power and Miracles."

Carlos said he was traveling around in a boat rescuing families trapped in their homes during the flood.

Flock said the water in the neighborhood rose so rapidly that only one day prior, his crew drove down the then-dry street.

A young boy told Flock he was afraid for the stability of his home as Carlos loaded his family into the boat.

"These people did not expect it," he said, surmising the flooding was due to the release from a nearby reservoir's spillway.

Flock said officials likely drained part of the reservoir to prevent the entire area from flooding if it was breached.

He said that, should the reservoir breach, it could be a repeat of the sudden deluge during the 1889 Johnstown Flood on western Pennsylvania's Little Conemaugh River.

That year, a flood breached the river's dam, sending 16 million tons of water into the Laurel Highlands city and killing at least 2,200 people

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