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Cajun Navy Volunteers Rescue Hundreds From Houston Floods

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway called the country's reaction to Hurricane Harvey "the best of the U.S. in action."

Conway said President Trump continues to admire the work of first responders and everyday citizens who have helped eachother as Texas and Louisiana are battered by the storm.

"The president was really struck today by the sheer coordination," she said.

She also thanked the media for "connecting people with the information they need" as they recover from the record rainfall and flooding.

Bret Baier asked about Trump's plan to cut 7.4 percent from FEMA's budget next year, citing the fact the agency and its head, Brock Long, have been crucial in relief efforts.

Conway said Trump "expects Congress to help act with him to get the recovery the money that the people of Texas need."

She also commented on North Korea's latest missile launch and reports of an abandoned offer to build a Trump Tower in Moscow a few years ago.

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