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Sean Hannity blasted the mainstream media for what he called petty attacks on the president's family during a natural disaster.

While Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas, critics of Melania Trump took on the first lady over her choice of footwear.

Trump opponents also faulted the president for heading to Texas "too early."

"This is going on while portions of Houston are buried underwater," Hannity said.

He called it "more evidence and proof that the president can do nothing right in the eyes of the... media."

Hannity blasted CNN pundit and former Ted Cruz speechwriter Amanda Carpenter for saying that "someone should tell Melania she might want a pair of rain boots" instead of the stilettos she was wearing onboard Marine One.

NBC's Katy Tur remarked that federal resources might be better allocated in Texas with the president remaining in Washington.

Asked about the same question, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said it may have been "too soon" for Trump to visit the Gulf Coast.

Hannity called the collection of criticisms "despicable and disgusting."

"You people should all be ashamed of yourself," he said.

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