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Former Republican Congresswoman Nan Hayworth said President Donald Trump's response to Hurricane Harvey has been excellent.

On "Fox & Friends First" this morning, Hayworth said Trump showed "great leadership and executive qualities" by declaring the disaster in advance, surrounding himself with tremendous emergency management people, and making sure that assets were ready to be deployed to help the people of the Gulf region.

"It's all about logistics and about making sure that there are clear lines of direction and execution," Hayworth said. "And they have pre-placed resources all around the southeast, where they'll be able to mobilize them."

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She added that there's been excellent coordination between various departments and agencies, such as Health and Human Services, the Coast Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers.

"There's just a lot of logistics that they've really managed with exceeding competence," Hayworth said.

She said that means that not only will citizens get immediate help in terms of rescue and recovery, but also in the weeks and months ahead.

"FEMA will be there, the flood insurance program will be there, Small Business Administration will be there to aid these residents in rebuilding their homes and recovering their what they can of their resources, and rebuilding these communities," Hayworth said.

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