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A prayer activist told Tucker Carlson about video of him being pepper-sprayed and beaten by Antifa rioters in California.

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer said he and several "moderate liberals" preaching "love, unity and peace" had to cancel a rally in Berkeley after Antifa "stormed" the public park.

Gibson was seen being assaulted several times as he backed away from the area.

He said police stood by, but did not blame the rank-and-file, saying that higher-ranking officials' politics effectively got in the way of the officers' duties.

"We constantly preach love. We want to preach love, unity and peace," he said. "We had our hands up because we didn't want to be aggressive."

"We wanted to go in there and exist," Gibson said. "They (the police) watched Antifa barge in there."

"How long are you going to stay silent on Antifa?" he asked Democratic politicians, naming legislators Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein specifically.

He accused Pelosi and Feinstein of using Antifa for their political benefit by ignoring their actions.

Carlson said Antifa is simply "hurting American citizens for saying what they think."

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