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Two parents of children who were taught a kindergarten lesson on transgender people spoke out to Martha MacCallum after their kids told them about the curriculum.

The parents asked that their identities remain anonymous in fear of retribution by folks in the community who disagree with them.

The lesson was reportedly taught at a California charter school because a boy in the class was transitioning to become a girl. One parent said the lesson then scared her daughter while she was bathing.

The parent said the girl saw her wet hair slicked back in her reflection and "started shaking and crying" because she thought she had turned into a boy.

"This is what really troubled me," the mother said. "This lesson that was taught to my child was not taught about acceptance or love."

Another parent said that their child was embarrassed in front of other schoolmates after accidentally referring to the transgender student by their former name.

The school disputed that the child was formally reprimanded in any way, but the mother said her child was pulled out of class after the playground incident.

The parent said her child "said hi to the name they had gone to school together - that he had one name for kindergarten then [was] reintroduced at the end of the school year [by her] girl's name,"

"I think any parent would want right to know what their children are learning in school," she said.

Watch the interview above.

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