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Violence erupted in Berkeley on Sunday when left-wing protesters surrounded and attacked at least five right-wing demonstrators.

Several thousand people had congregated for a “Rally Against Hate” in response to a planned anti-Marxist protest.

It was mostly peaceful until a group of more than 100 hooded, anti-fascist protesters busted through police lines, avoiding security checks by officers to take away possible weapons.

They began kicking and punching the right-wing demonstrators until they were stopped by the police. Officers reported at least 13 arrests.

On "America's Newsroom" today, Lisa Boothe said it's important that we marginalize "hate groups" of all kinds.

"So many people came together to denounce what we saw in Charlottesville with those neo-Nazi groups, those white supremacists," Boothe said. "Unfortunately, we're not seeing that same rebuke of groups like Antifa."

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She said she has yet to see one Democratic leader come out against violent left-wing groups and declare that what happened in Berkeley on Sunday is unacceptable.

"Where is Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who represents the 13th District of California? Where is former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who represents the nearby district of the 12th?" Boothe said. "If we're truly honest, if we truly want to stamp out hate in all of its forms, if we truly want to stamp out and push out violence in this country, it should be denounced in all of its forms."

"And I have yet to see anyone on the left denounce this group that purports to be on the left."

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