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Singer Joy Villa, who famously wore a Donald Trump-themed dress to the Grammy Awards, said this week that her new song "Make America Great Again" was taken down by YouTube, according to the Independent Journal Review.

The song, which does not include any direct references to Trump, was released on the Fourth of July as a "love song for America," Villa said.

After several weeks on the video-sharing site, Villa said on Twitter over the weekend that YouTube took her video down.

She said she later re-posted the music video, but received a warning notice from YouTube that a complaint was filed and that the video must be edited or taken down.

Villa responded that she received written consent from all of the people featured in the video.

She said she was then sent a timestamp with a woman's face which had to be blurred. 

Villa complied but said she was still having trouble with the video.

"YouTube is censoring pro-America artists," she said.

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