Brave volunteers have stepped up to help save families from incredibly high floods in the Houston, Texas area after Hurricane Harvey.

The storm ran aground Friday, devastating homes in the Rockport and Corpus Christi areas. The damage continues, however, with close to 50 inches of rain, leaving those who did not leave stranded.

One volunteer said it was his tenth rescue run of the day.

"I've never seen anything like this," he said. "It's a little overwhelming, but I figure just keep going."

A teenage girl who was rescued said she and her family woke up sleeping in water.

"Everyone in my circle of friends was saying, 'Please get out of Houston.' I'm like 'Oh, it's just rain,'" one woman said.

The rescuers themselves must beware of hazards such as submerged cars, which may not be visible and could damage their boats.

The president and governor declared a disaster situation, and groups like FEMA and the Red Cross have been working since the storm died down to preserve life in the flooded areas.

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