A woman in a shelter for those rescued from Hurricane Harvey said the children there need help as soon as possible.

"I see these people come in and this little girl was just frozen," the lady said of the small girl she was cradling. "These kids need help."

Around 30,000 Texans were displaced by Hurricane Harvey as floods took over the city days after the storm passed. Harvey hit southeast Texas on Friday, leaving widespread devastation and stranding many who tried to wait out the storm.

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"I don't even know what to say," the upset woman said. "They're not my kids, but I'll tell you what, I love them like they're my own."

A man at the shelter said he was afraid he and his family would get shocked from their submerged electrical outlets.

Rainfall totals could double in certain areas this week, giving residents no respite from their already submerged homes and streets.

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