Scott Baio has had enough of the political correctness that in some cases leads to violence.

Some students at the University of Southern California recently claimed the school mascot, a "Trojan" horse named "Traveler," is racist. Confederate general Robert E. Lee also had a horse named "Traveller," spelled differently.

"The country didn't begin the day you were born," Baio reminded on "Watters' World." "Don't try to erase the wonder that that country is. And we're not perfect."

Racial tensions have been especially on edge around the nation after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia turned violent earlier this month, leaving one dead.

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"Do we get rid of the William Jefferson Clinton presidential library simply because President Clinton's wife Hillary lavished praise on former KKK member Robert Byrd?" Baio asked.

"I'm for letting you live your life ... I just try to live my life the best that I can," Baio said. "You have your views? Love it. I want to hear about it ... As soon as you get violent I'm out. I don't care what side you're on."

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