Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) expressed his gratitude to President Trump for his help in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's devastation in the Houston area.

Hurricane Harvey hit southeast Texas as a category 4 storm on Friday after Texans were encouraged to evacuate the area. President Trump declared the hurricane a major disaster even before it hit, ensuring resources were ready to go after the storm passed.

President Trump's response to the crisis has been "extremely professional, very helpful," the governor assured, adding that the two spoke on the phone several times.

"He called and said, 'Governor, whatever you need, you've got.'"

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Abbott said the state has teams working to save lives in the flooded Houston area and has also sent search and rescue missions to the Rockport and Corpus Christi area where the hurricane hit hardest.

"This is the quickest turnaround I've ever seen from the time a governor made a disaster declaration to getting that granted," Abbott stated.

The president's speedy response "triggered all the resources of FEMA to help Texas," which has made a huge difference, the governor explained.

"I give FEMA a grade of A+ all the way from the president down," Abbott said. "We've never been more prepared for a storm for a storm than we had been this time."

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