As Hurricane Harvey's rains subsided in Corpus Christi, Texas, a large fire flared up out of nowhere, burning a town home to the ground and melting four nearby cars.

"Who would think that Jeep Wranglers are going to burn to a crisp in the middle of a hurricane?" Fox News anchor and reporter Rob Schmitt asked. "This thing was like a bomb went off. I mean these cars are melted!"

Police Chief Mike Markle said law enforcement was unclear how the blaze started, but speculated it could have been caused by a downed power line before the city lost power.

No one appears to have been in the town home, but the area was only under voluntary, not mandatory evacuation.

The fire started around 2:30am and raged for over three hours.

"It's just not what you expect to see when we had inundating rain overnight," Schmitt said.

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