Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) drove around visiting those who weathered Hurricane Harvey after it left his district devastated,

Farenthold represents the the area hardest hit by the storm, including Rockport, Texas. The Texas lawmaker remarked that he doubted you could get to Rockport if you wanted to on Saturday.

The congressman said he spotted power lines bent at a 45 degree angle as well as mobile homes flipped upside-down by the winds.

"Corpus Christi really dodged a bullet," he told "America's News HQ," referring to the city 30 miles southwest of Rockport.

"There's not a sign on [Interstate] 35. ... Part of 35 is underwater and barely passable," he related.

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Farenthold said his power went out about 3pm yesterday, but said he was "well-prepared" and now just needs to find an open gasoline station.

Yesterday the congressman braved a drenching during a live interview as the hurricane approached.

"The White House has indicated they're willing to move as rapidly as necessary" to help with disaster relief, Farenthold assured.

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