Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan was barely standing when he reported from Corpus Christi, Texas last night as the city was slammed by Hurricane Harvey.

While Harrigan delivered his report, shingles and even entire metal roofs were ripped up by the hurricane winds.

"You can probably hear that crash," he said of the background noise. "That's a metal roof sort of coming down the street slowly."

The street is deserted, and traffic lights still blinking lay on the ground, Harrigan reported. At the time of Harrigan's update, Corpus Christi police were not performing rescues yet because of the high winds.

Corpus Christi is about 30 miles from Rockport, Texas, which was reportedly underwater.

"You have areas where it is unreachable," Harrigan related. "It increased its power so dramatically and so quickly."

Hurricane Harvey was downgraded from category four to category one on Saturday.

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