Mike Huckabee urged bureaucrats to back of the disaster relief efforts in Texas for Hurricane Harvey.

"You have to trust your people who are on the scene, give them the resources they need, turn them loose," the former Arkansas governor told "Fox & Friends" in the wake of the hurricane's damage.

"The drama of the storm is when it's hitting, but the impact of the storm and the time to really spend the effort to get people in recovery? It's in the not-so-sexy moments in the days, weeks, months that follow," Huckabee reminded.

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Texans on the Gulf of Mexico coast woke up Saturday to downed trees, destroyed buildings, and flooding after a stormy night dumping 40 inches of rain on them.

If America learned anything from the 2005 disaster Hurricane Katrina, it was not to let decisions get bogged down in bureaucracy, Huckabee said.

"That was the disaster of Katrina," Huckabee warned. "It was compounded by the bottleneck that happened within the bureaucracy."

"It's easier to get forgiveness than permission at a time like this."

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