President Trump is going after Republicans again on Twitter, this time taking aim at Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who recently questioned the president's "competency" after Charlottesville. 

Asked about Corker's comment on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called it "ridiculous" said it was unworthy of an official response.

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The president has been lashing out at Senate Republicans in recent weeks, including Jeff Flake and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. 

Responding on "America's Newsroom," Fox News contributor Mercedes Schlapp said these senators "deserve to be worn out" with criticism by Trump because they failed to repeal ObamaCare. 

She added that the party and Trump both need a "victory" in the fall by passing tax reform. Shannon Bream noted the increasing questions being raised about Trump's fitness for office, most notably by former DNI James Clapper.

Schlapp said the criticism is "irresponsible" and those who have worked with Trump know that he's "incredibly competent" and is working to keep the promises he made to voters. 

She said the president's supporters don't mind when he goes after the GOP. 

"They like the fact that he's transparent and speaks from the heart. They're done with the political norms of how politicians should speak," said Schlapp.

Watch the discussion above.

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