Sean Hannity asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders what it's like dealing with the clearly dishonest mainstream media on daily basis. 

"I could not do your job, Sarah. It would be war up there every day," he said. 

Sanders, a mother of three, likened it to talking to her toddlers. 

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"I'm used to answering the same questions over and over again and I'm used to saying no an awful lot. I have good practice at home that's prepared me for dealing with a sometimes childish press corps that likes to focus on the same things over and over," she answered. 

Sanders said the media refuses to talk about the "booming" economy, a result of the president cutting regulations and giving confidence to the business community. 

Hannity said the White House and Republicans must now work together on tax cuts and other policies geared toward "the forgotten Americans" that fueled Trump's election victory. 

Sanders said the relationship between the president and Mitch McConnell is "fine" and Congress needs to step up and get things done. 

Watch the interview above and Sean's monologue on the media

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