Will Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor be the fight of the century? 

Not even close, according to former superstar boxer Oscar De La Hoya, who said on "Fox & Friends" that Mayweather will have no problem moving his record to 50-0 on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

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De La Hoya said it all comes down to McGregor trying to bring his punching power from the UFC to the boxing ring against an opponent known for his defensive prowess.

"I don't see this being a competitive fight. ... When you're a fighter who has zero experience in boxing and you go up against arguably the best boxer of our generation, you have zero shot. I strongly believe that McGregor is not gonna land a single punch. I don't see him connecting anything," he said, calling the mega-fight a "farce."

He added that he's "rooting for boxing" and wants to see a great fight for the millions who will be watching on pay-per-view.

De La Hoya, a former champion in six weight classes, fought in a memorable match against Mayweather in 2007, losing a split decision. 

Watch his thoughts above.

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