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Michael Brown, the former director of FEMA who was in charge of the agency during Hurricane Katrina, joined Neil Cavuto to share insight on how President Trump should respond to Hurricane Harvey.

The Category 4 storm is the first major hurricane to hit Texas in nearly nine years. It has been labeled by forecasters as a "life-threatening storm," which could bring up to three feet of rain, 125 mph winds and 12-foot storm surges.

Brown, who just wrote an op-ed in The Hill called "Mr. President, don’t let Hurricane Harvey be your Katrina," explained that FEMA will need assistance from the Departments of Defense, Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Interior, Environmental Protection Agency and others.

He pointed out that many of those departments and agencies do not have the political appointees to marshal the resources FEMA will need.

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"Let's say, just for an example, FEMA needs five Black Hawk helicopters or they need the Department of Transportation to do something. When they call DoT, there's only Elaine Chao to answer the telephone," Brown said. "What about the rest of the people who actually carry things out?"

He said current FEMA director Brock Long is a great, qualified man, but the lack of political appointees at vital departments and agencies means Trump must step up to the "bully pulpit."

He explained that Trump must command his cabinet secretaries, deputy secretaries and undersecretaries to listen to Long and give him what he wants when he wants it, no questions asked.

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