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The University of California, Berkeley is charging the College Republicans group a $15,000 "security fee" to host conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro next month.

Conservative organization Young America’s Foundation announced Tuesday that it will step in and pay what it's calling "effectively a tax on free speech."

This comes after Milo Yiannopoulos cancelled a February speech at Berkeley when fiery riots resulted in thousands of dollars of property damage. Ann Coulter also cancelled an April speech at the university due to concerns about student safety.

On "The Story," Shapiro said he's expecting Antifa demonstrators to show up and try to cause violence, but he urged his fans and supporters not to show up ready to "do battle."

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"Do not come ready to do violence in defense of my free speech rights," Shapiro said. "We just paid so that Berkeley will do it. Right? Either Berkeley is going to protect my free speech rights or they're not."

He said now it's up the Berkeley and its administration to do the job that they have pledged - and been paid - to do.

He noted that Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ recently reiterated the campus’ commitment to free expression and declared that violent protests will not be tolerated.

"This, again, is going to be a test of the administration, it's going to be a test of the police," Shapiro said. "Are you going to fulfill your promise to protect free speech? Or are you just going to sound off about it in the press and then allow Antifa and the far-left to do whatever they want to shut down speech with which they disagree?"

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