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Tucker Carlson says the liberal hysteria over Confederate monuments is a "manufactured crisis."

On his program tonight, Tucker debated University of Maryland professor Jason Nichols, arguing that the controversy is being stoked by people who don't want to take accountability for their own failures.

He explained that leaders and politicians hide behind "made-up controversies" like the statue debate instead of addressing the real problems in their communities.

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Nichols said public symbols and monuments should reflect who we want to be as a nation. He said that the Confederacy certainly belongs in books and museums, but it shouldn't be honored in the public square.

Tucker wondered why people on the left are only now concerned about these monuments, since they have been around for decades, and in some cases centuries, including all of former President Obama's eight years in office.

"It's cover for the failures of the leadership class, not just Democrats either, Republicans too," Tucker argued. "And you're playing along with it."

He suggested that the "activist left" pay attention to things that actually matter, like the terrible state of education in urban areas and the increasingly impoverished middle class.

"There's actual stuff going on. The country really is in trouble. And this is just an MSNBC-Democratic Caucus sideshow designed to cloak the reality of it, which is that our leadership class is terrible and they failed," Tucker said.

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