White House counselor Kellyanne Conway called out the media for "scant" coverage of the unifying message from President Trump and the passage of a bill to streamline the process for veterans appealing disability claims.

Conway said on "Fox & Friends" there's a "huge disconnect" between what's important to Americans and what the "media are telling Americans is important to them."

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She said Trump is focused on what he's talked about over the last few days, including a new strategy in Afghanistan, border security, Kate's Law and a new law to help veterans appeal claims at the VA.

"Yesterday, the president beseeched the nation to unify, to appeal to our better angels, our higher purposes, the things that bind us together as Americans. [He said] we're all on the same team. That got scant coverage," said Conway, adding that the media ignore the substance and are trying to impede Trump's agenda, rather than report the facts.

"This has become opinion commentary disguised as reporting," said Conway. 

After the rally, former director of national intelligence James Clapper said Trump's behavior was "extremely disturbing" and questioned whether he's fit for the office.

Conway said the criticism was "way over the line" and "absurd," also going after others on TV for "playing armchair psychiatrist."

"I'm old enough to remember when news stations reported the news and didn't just have a parade of pundits rendering their opinions and conjecturing," said Conway.

Watch the interview above.

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