Italian police in riot gear clashed Thursday morning with a group of refugees who refused to leave a building where they were squatting. 

About 800 refugees, mostly from the North African nation of Eritrea, were staying in the vacant office building near Rome's Independence Square.

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Amy Kellogg reported on "America's Newsroom" that about 500 were able to find alternate housing, while about 200 were gathered in a park outside. Others, including children and disabled people, remained in the building after an eviction notice was delivered on Saturday. 

A sign was hung out of the building reading "we are refugees, not terrorists." The clashes turned violent, with refugees hurling rocks and other objects at police. 

At one point, a man can be seen hurling a large gas tank out of a window. Authorities used water cannons to disperse the crowds, arresting two people. 

Kellogg said the incident highlights the issue of Italy failing to integrate refugees from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya other African nations. 

"Italy is crying out for help from the rest of the EU," she said.

Watch the report above.

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