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Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined Neil Cavuto on Fox Business Network to discuss his misdemeanor conviction for refusing to stop patrols targeting illegal immigrants.

At his big rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night, President Trump hinted that he would issue a pardon, saying that Arpaio is "going to be just fine."

Arpaio told Cavuto that he appreciates the president's support, and someday soon he's going to open up more about his case, which he called a "strictly a political hit."

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"One day I'll go public and talk about the tremendous abuse of the process," Arpaio said. "If they can do what they did to me, they can do it to anybody."

Arpaio, 85, was convicted in 2013 by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton of misdemeanor contempt of court for willfully disregarding an Arizona judge’s order in 2011 to stop his anti-immigrant traffic patrols.

He is expected to be sentenced on Oct. 5 and could face up to six months in jail. Due to his age and the fact that he has no convictions, some legal experts have speculated that he will not receive jail time.

"I got two parking tickets in my whole life. Think of that. Two parking tickets, 55 years, joined the Army when the Korean War broke out," Arpaio said. "Now I've got to sit at a defense table as a criminal when I did nothing wrong? Come on."

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