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Tonight, "The Story" is in Louisville, Kentucky, live from the state fair.

That’s Lou-a-vull, if you’re from New Jersey and need a pronouncer, like me! The people here are so friendly and welcoming. One man’s t-shirt at the fair sums it up: "Powered by: Prayer, Family, Dreams and Hard Work."

With the president’s fiery speech in Phoenix last night, and the battle over race and Confederate statues hitting the Bluegrass State, as well as their senior senator, Mitch McConnell, at loggerheads with the president, there is so much on the minds of people here.

We have been speaking all afternoon to families and livestock owners and visitors from neighboring states like Indiana.

They are by and large very supportive of the president. Not surprising in a state he won 62 percent to 32 percent over Hillary Clinton. They talk about letting the president do what he was elected to do. They don’t see a country that is torn apart by race. They think the issue has been overblown by a media elite and resistance on the left that want to bring the president down. 

It is also a state that, like so many, is ravaged by overdose deaths. The opioid epidemic has taken more lives than homicides and car crashes combined. In 2016, 362 Kentuckians lost their lives to addiction.

They want Congress to pass the president’s agenda. They see Sen. McConnell is understandably in a tough spot, but they want him to do more to bring change to Capitol Hill.

Still, even the staunchest supporters have some advice for the president: Focus less on yourself and rehashing battles with the press and more on tax cuts and building the wall.

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