An anti-Trump protester was hit in the groin by a non-lethal projectile as he and others clashed with police outside President Trump's Phoenix rally. 

The man, wearing a gas mask, can be seen on CBS News footage kicking a tear gas canister back toward police officers when he was struck in the groin by a pepper ball, which is similar to a rubber bullet but also contains pepper spray. 

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The shot sent him to the ground. Another protester in a Colin Kaepernick jersey then ran over to help him and they scurried away.

Police also used tear gas and flash bangs in an effort to disperse the protesters after the rally ended. Officers were pelted with rocks, bottles and protesters' own gas canisters.

Four arrests were made, with two people charged with aggravated assault on a police officer.

The protest was similar to those conducted by Antifa groups, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said "very small number" of violent demonstrators were not "affiliated with any organization."

Watch the footage above.

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