Todd Piro headed down to Trenton this morning to hear what some Jersey diners had to say about President Trump's announcement that the U.S. would increase troop levels in Afghanistan. 

Trump made it clear that there would be no swift withdrawal, saying the U.S. commitment is not a “blank check” and turning up the pressure on Pakistan to root out militants.

At Pat's Original Diner, a Vietnam veteran who deployed three times and received the Purple Heart for his valor, said he agrees with Trump's plan. 

The veteran, named Paul, said he has confidence in White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who lost his son in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary James Mattis and the joint chiefs. 

"We have to stop terrorism over there or we're gonna be fighting it on the shores of the United States. ... You have to fight for the freedom we enjoy here," said Paul.

Another diner, named Rich, said terrorists can't be fought with a "pallet of taxpayer cash" and that our military has been fighting with "one hand tied behind their back" for years. 

Watch more of their comments above.

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