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Tucker Carlson had a heated debate with civil rights attorney Brian Claypool over tech companies allegedly caving to the left and cracking down on free speech.

Tucker agreed with Claypool that there's all kinds of "loathsome material" in the internet, but it's not for Google, Twitter or Spotify to regulate the open exchange of ideas, no matter how loathsome those ideas are.

He pointed out that liberals have traditionally been against censorship, but that seems to have changed, and now they want speech regulated.

"Why are they retreating from their long-standing position that if you don't like something, you argue against it, you don't shut it down?" Tucker asked.

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Claypool pointed out that the internet allows for the spread of hateful propaganda, whether it's jihadists or neo-Nazis, and that can lead to people taking violent action.

"You have to try to preempt something before it happens," Claypool argued.

Tucker said he's not going to defend the ugliness of some of the internet. Instead, he said, he's arguing that once someone decides to censor speech, it raises some very difficult questions.

"Who gets to decide what's hate and what's legitimate argument? What are the punishments? These are questions we haven't faced in this country because we have a First Amendment," Tucker said. "Unfortunately, the left, because it's now in control of all of our social institutions, no longer believes in it."

He added that this issue is about more than private tech companies shutting down controversial social media accounts and websites, it's about the left's "systematic suppression" of speech they don't agree with.

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