Passersby were outraged to see a local school flying the American flag upside-down.

Army veteran James Jackson said he was "deeply offended" when he saw the flag displayed disrespectfully at his old school, Scott Middle School in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

"It hurt me as a veteran seeing the flag upside down knowing that means the state of distress," Jackson told FOX 29.

"People are just doing whatever they want, and they don't find nothing sacred anymore."

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Flying the flag upside-down is a mark of protest. The U.S. flag code states the flag is only flown upside-down in times of "extreme danger to life or property."

The veteran took pictures and sent them to FOX 29, and the flag was taken down after the affiliate called the school. The school claimed someone broke into the flag's lockbox and no one noticed until the news station pointed it out.

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